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Co-Managed IT Services

In-House Meets Biztec

Co-Managed IT Services are just like Managed IT Services, but instead of outsourcing everything to an external team, your organization partners with Biztec, a Managed Services Provider (MSP), to share responsibilities. In a Co-Managed IT Services model, your internal IT team retains ownership of strategy development, decision-making, and day-to-day management of the IT infrastructure. Biztec is then brought in to elevate the internal team's skillset, provide additional IT support when necessary, and take on specific aspects of IT operations where their expertise can provide additional value.  One of the benefits of Co-Managed IT Services is that it can provide a more flexible solution to your organization's unique needs. For example, your internal IT team may want to focus on new development projects while relying on the MSP for ongoing maintenance and IT support duties. As such, your particular services are dependent on your needs and goals. Co-Managed IT Services can also bring a fresh perspective to the table. Biztec can provide insight and recommendations based on your industry's best practices and their experience working with other organizations. All in all, Co-Managed IT Services can help organizations strike the right balance between internal expertise and external IT support. By partnering with Biztec, internal IT teams can optimize their resources and ensure they have access to the additional support they need to keep their technology infrastructure running optimally and securely.

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With Co-Managed IT Services, you can...

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