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Find Answers to Your Top Managed IT Services Questions

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What is managed IT services, and how does it differ from traditional IT support?

Managed IT services refer to a type of tech support where an external company (Biztec) monitors your computer systems, networks, and technology needs on an ongoing basis. At Biztec, we proactively monitor, maintain, and manage your IT infrastructure to prevent issues and ensure your organization’s data remains secure. Traditional in-house IT support, however, involves an internal team. The internal team works at your organization and provides any and all IT maintenance.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing IT services to a managed service provider (MSP)?

Outsourcing IT services to an MSP offers benefits like proactive network monitoring, access to expert tech support, cost savings, and 24/7 support.

Can you customize your managed services to fit my needs?

Biztec’s services were made to be fully customizable because we understand that each organization’s needs are different. So, upon evaluation you are able to build your IT services from scratch based on what you require to maintain operations. This approach also allows you to pay for what you need rather than what you don’t.

How do you provide support outside of business hours?

Biztec offers 24/7 network monitoring and support to managed services customers from a remote location, working in harmony with your day-to-day operations. 

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