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Select what service(s) you need, and then press 'Submit' below to contact a Biztec rep.

For additional information about each service, please refer to the table below the form.

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We are working to design a solution that will fit your needs as described. A sales rep will contact you within one to two (1-2) business days.

Network Support

Proactively monitor critical networking components like routers, firewalls, and servers.

Cloud Solutions

Implement on-demand cloud service solutions without having to use internal infrastructure.

Data Backup & Recovery

Backup, migrate, and restore data with hybrid storage configurations.

Phone Solutions

Enable employees to take calls on-the-go with a reliable, cloud-based phone solution.

Security Cameras

Protect people and property with continuous surveillance and deterrence.

Access Control

Manage access control with hybrid cloud solutions for every building, door, and user.

Guest Management

Streamline and enhance visitor registration, tracking, and communication.


Deter, detect, and respond to security threats in real time.


Monitor traffic and prevent unauthorized access to and from private networks.

Microsoft Azure

Manage and scale business needs on one inclusive, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.


Design, implement, and maintain hardware and software to enable Wifi service. 

Custom Projects

Develop and execute custom IT projects without tying up existing technical staff.  

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