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Managed IT Services

IT Support You Can Trust

Are Managed IT services a good fit for you?

Biztec was created to deliver enterprise-grade IT solutions to organizations regardless of size. With our customizable solutions and advanced features, your organization can look, feel, and compete as if it were a large corporation.


Our Managed IT Services include 24-hour technical IT support at a fixed monthly cost. As your business continues to grow and expand, our solutions adapt accordingly. We collaborate with you to regularly reassess your organization's IT requirements, ensuring seamless operations at all times.

What are

Managed IT Services?

Managed IT, in a nutshell, is a proactive solution that organizations turn to when they need professional IT support to manage their technology infrastructure and systems. With Biztec, it's like having a team of experts who handle all the behind-the-scenes tech stuff so you can focus on core business operations. Such services are monthly, recurring, and fully customizable, meaning you never have to pay for services and solutions you don't need. Our Managed Services cover a wide range of things. From network monitoring and general IT support, to application hosting and data recovery, Biztec provides solutions to everyday business needs. One of the best parts of Managed IT, though, is that you have access to a help desk. Our help desk serves as your own personal IT support team. So, whenever you run into tech troubles or just have questions, you can submit a ticket or pick up the phone and call us. Trust us, it takes a lot of the frustration out of troubleshooting. Biztec also places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. We work hard to keep your systems protected from cyber threats like hackers or malware, by implementing firewalls, antivirus software, and other measures to keep your data safe and secure. When you partner with us, you have a team of experts in your corner, ensuring that your technology is running smoothly, your data is secure, and you have a lifeline when you need help. It's a game-changer for organizations who want to focus on their business goals without getting bogged down by technical headaches.

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Maintain client systems, track and resolve issues remotely, administer patches and install software updates, automate scheduled maintenance.


Reduce risk of cyber-attacks and increase functionality with antivirus protection and patches designed to fix software and application vulnerabilities.


Setup, manage, and monitor your core IT infrastructure to keep your organization running without interruption.


Implement on-demand cloud service solutions such as (IaaS), (SaaS), (FaaS), and (PaaS) without having to use internal infrastructure or hardware.


Prevent unauthorized network access and enforce security policies. Mitigate common router issues such as address restrictions, dropped connections, and router crashes.


Eliminate the need to build and maintain your own infrastructure with application hosting, which allows you to access applications anytime, anywhere via a reputable host.



Assist users in tracking issues and troubleshooting problems. Provide overall support regarding products, services, or processes.


Proactively monitor critical networking components such as routers, firewalls, and servers to maintain and optimize

their availability.


Backup, migrate, and restore data with hybrid storage configurations.

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