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Biztec Conference Room Joe and Emily Sams

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Like many small businesses, Biztec began with an idea and a drive to provide exceptional technology solutions to clients. Now, we are one of the largest IT providers in the Mid-Ohio Valley, and serve many customers locally and nationally.

Our success wouldn't be possible, however, without strong leaders guiding us into the future. Learn more about the couple who brought Biztec into this world right here, right now.

Meet Joe.

Joe Sams stands at the forefront of Biztec, a managed service provider offering IT solutions, security services, access control, and forward-looking cloud-managed offerings. As President and Owner, his unwavering commitment and leadership have crafted Biztec's legacy. With the collective dedication of the Biztec team, the company has surged forward.


Founded in 2008, Biztec's roots trace back to Joe's basement. Starting with just a few clients, the journey has been inspiring, evolving from a solo endeavor to a team of over 40 professionals steering the company. Biztec's culture guides its trajectory, driven by the leadership team's strategic insight and diligent effort. Much of the success has been the exceptional dedication of the team, both past and present, and the focus on nurturing strategic partnerships that have flourished. Our strength lies in the shared talents, innovative spirit, and unwavering commitment to the customer.


As President and Owner, Joe acknowledges his role is a culmination of vision, innovation, and leadership. At the same time, acknowledging that the journey embodies the support of friends, family, mentors, and the unified dedication of the Biztec team.

Meet Emily.

Bio coming soon...

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