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A Director's POV: Advice, Tips & Solutions

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Get to Know our Director of Field Operations

Biztec’s employee roster is full of dedicated, hard-working, talented professionals who seek to see the IT Solutions company succeed.

For 7 months, Ron Dixon, Director of Field Operations, has excelled at managing the security installation team and IT techs. His role at the company not only allows him to manage the various teams, but he ensures the resources needed to complete projects are acquired and aligned efficiently.

In his first few months of employment, Dixon has managed and ensured the completion of over 20 projects, has 14 direct reports and continues to be a vital team member at Biztec.

Director’s Point of View

“Your network security must be viewed as more important than your physical security. Your network is exposed worldwide, whereas your physical or building security is local. Companies must prioritize network spending and most companies do not understand their network infrastructure; therefore, their lack of knowledge reduces their overall willingness to commit resources.”

7 Things a Business Should Know

According to Dixon, there are seven major aspects businesses should take into consideration when evaluating their IT needs:

  1. Baseline information such as who has what permissions and what access levels is imperative.

  2. If your data is not backed up in three locations, your data is not backed up.

  3. An organization should have their data stored in three locations:

    • On Premise

    • In the Cloud

    • Off Site

  4. Customer and tech communication is key; bringing up an IT issue immediately reduces overall exposure.

  5. Network security & backup solutions are crucial.

  6. It’s not if you get hacked, but when and what is your exposure.

  7. [A functioning tech infrastructure is important because] your data is being broadcasted globally; therefore, it is important to protect it.

What Biztec Can Do for You

For some businesses, they may not know where to begin when it comes to IT support. Smaller or medium sized companies in-particular may lack the necessary resources to maintain their own in-house IT team.

When asked what steps a business should take if they are unsure of how to move forward, Dixon inferred that outsourcing their IT is the best solution they can make.

“[Businesses] should allow one of our Network Engineers on premise access to determine their current solution and to determine what they may need in the future.”

With a solution like Biztec, companies would no longer have to stress about the status of their technological infrastructure. From the moment a client signs with Biztec, they immediately have access to a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring they remain online, protected and successful. Some services that Biztec provides are:

  • IT Outsourcing

  • Physical Security Solutions

  • Verkada Authorized Reseller | Verkada Certified Engineers

  • Desktop & End User Support

According to Dixon, Biztec can also help by providing recommendations for the items or services that could help businesses excel. For example, the Sophos Firewall solution and Datto as a backup device.

From the Director of Field Operations to You

“[The] piece of advice that I would give a potential client when looking for an IT solution like Biztec is to tell the provider to show you. Actions speak louder than words.”

Based on Dixon’s point of view, businesses need to ask themselves:

  • Does our technological infrastructure need to be updated?

  • How can we create a more efficient network?

  • How can IT Outsourcing benefit us in the long run?

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