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Biztec: The IT Solution That's Right for You

Who Are We

Biztec is a total IT services company that provides businesses with high-quality solutions. Joe Sams, owner and founder of Biztec, created the company on the idea that small businesses deserve the same care as large corporations.

"Our mission is to provide exceptional service, deliver high-quality and secure IT systems, and implement solutions that allow our clients to advance their business goals."

Currently, Biztec provides a variety of solutions. Some of the most sought after services are:

  • Managed Services

  • Cyber Security

  • Backup

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • PC Support

Biztec is always growing and taking ground, commented Sams. Not only has Biztec grown in the number of team members over the last few years, but they have expanded their geographic reach and services.

As the IT company broadened their horizons, they became an authorized reseller of Verkada products. Verkada optimizes physical security with their hybrid, cloud-based security solutions. Sams' company has implemented these systems across the nation and, as a result, enhanced Biztec's reach astronomically.

Biztec's Unmatched Value

A company of this magnitude comes with great value. Not only does Biztec provide services that meet the needs of companies, but they hold ethical standards to the highest regard. According to Sams, these standards are reflected in daily operations without fail.

"Our ethics are reflected in all of our day-to-day practices, and especially in our interactions with our clients and with each other. We are committed to operate in the center of ethical behavior."

Becoming A Client

Choosing an IT team to support you, whether it's in-house or outsourced, can be a challenging feat. As such, you want to ensure you make the right decision based on your company's business model.

When a business signs to become a client with Biztec, they are gaining access to a wide range of services and a highly skilled team that will help them to pursue their goals.

When you become a client, Biztec's technicians will evaluate the current state of your IT systems and infrastructure. Then you will be provided with a gap analysis from your current state to a desired state of effectiveness. This plan will allow you to evolve your tech into a newer, more efficient infrastructure.

"Ongoing support will have quick response times with experienced technicians, who take the time to understand the business we are helping."

As you consider a managed IT service, it's important to gather all the facts and make an informed, educated decision.

Whether your business requires long-term managed services or project assistance, Biztec can offer you guidance and knowledge to help you succeed. Biztec has a long history of providing quality services, building lasting relationships with customers, and providing solutions that fit every business' growing needs.

What Makes Us the Best IT Solution

"We value our relationships with managers, customers, vendors, business partners and co-workers."

Biztec provides services that every business and organization can find value in. From network support to physical security, Sams' company possesses the skills and resources to take organizations to the next level.

Before problems arise, Biztec has the answer to prevent your business from tragedy.

"Biztec takes a proactive approach to IT support by using monitoring and management software that identifies potential issues before they cause problems."

As Biztec has transformed from a small business that offers their services locally, to a company that offers their services nationally, Sams has learned that Biztec is always there to fill their clients needs. " matter the scale that we do things, the process is the same: fill the need, fill the need and let business drive technology," Sams stated.

"We provide exceptional technology solutions for your business and the best technical talent to manage that technology while exceeding your customer service expectations."

Biztec also provides a point of contact for each of a business' IT needs; including vendor coordination for applications, equipment and systems. This also includes project management for complex IT projects.

"We take pleasure in coming up with innovative technology solutions to enable your vision."

We Partner with You

"When we work with someone, we become an extension of their company. We do not feel like outsiders, and we treat their company like our own. In the past, from the time we first opened our doors, when we had any issue with service or delivery, I made sure that we made it right - regardless of the cost. Our team, from the top to the bottom, all know that is the Biztec way. I tell them that we are not always perfect, but we will do whatever we can to make our customers happy and stand behind our work."
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