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Overcoming Biztec's Internal Challenges to Provide Exceptional Service

Luck Stone

Ensuring customer safety and success is a paramount goal at Biztec. By offering state-of-the-art security products, Biztec’s customers can protect their employees, assets and facilities knowing they have a high-quality, reliable solution in place.


Luck Stone is a construction aggregate firm that offers a variety of stone options for construction projects. As the largest family owned and operated producer of crushed stone, gravel and sand, Luck Stone seeks to provide quality materials to customers while optimizing their internal operations.


Tyler Minix, Systems Support Specialist for Luck Stone, provides IT support and manages project implementation. It is this work that led him to partner with Biztec and Verkada to execute a plan to maximize their physical security systems.


Just over a year ago, the Luck Stone crew realized they needed a video security solution that would combine visibility, flexibility and simplicity into one system.


Verkada’s integrated physical security solutions have the ability to propel organizations into the future with their intelligent approach to security. The brand produces products including, but not limited to, security cameras, air quality sensors, access control, intercom cameras and guest management; in turn creating a one-stop-shop for security equipment.


As the project kicked off, Minix was in constant communication with Biztec and Verkada to ensure all his needs were being met. With every site walk and conversation, the project seemed to be progressing smoothly. However, due to the lack of communication from a former Biztec employee, the project was paused and nearly dismantled.


Biztec’s Director of Operations, Ron Dixon, learned of the employee’s mismanagement with Luck Stone and took action to eradicate the problems that were occurring. Once Minix spoke with Dixon, the challenges became accomplishments, and the relationship was salvaged.


“From there we started moving up from Atlanta. That is when I met with Zack Dowler (Project Manager, Biztec) for the first time,” Minix mentioned. “Every time I have worked with Zack everything has been very positive. Zack is very communicative; he brings the challenges to me and is very honest with me about everything that is going on so we can address any unforeseen issues.”


Across numerous locations from North Carolina to Georgia and beyond, Biztec implemented between six to eight security cameras and eight to ten access control systems per site. The cameras were installed across Luck Stone’s rock quarries, allowing them to gain 24/7 visibility and have access to license plate recognition capabilities.


Even though the relationship with Biztec and Luck Stone may have fallen short in the beginning of the project, the relationship is now functioning and generating a positive outcome as a result.

“Anytime I have had an issue, failed stripes or failed badge readers…anytime I have needed them [Biztec] to troubleshoot [problems], they have done it [in a timely fashion and have been helpful]; it has been great,” Minix stated.


Now, Luck Stone utilizes a physical security solution that not only meets their needs but exceeds their highest expectations.


“It has given us better visibility, better security for our sites and our people,” Minix said. “It improves our scaling process with good visibility and historical footage.”

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