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Women in Tech: A Closer Look

The information technology industry is continuously growing - in more ways than just the innovation of tech. The presence of women within the profession has been climbing for years and continues to do so today. Although the representation of women is still on the lower end of the spectrum, that percentage continues to rise.

Tiffany Wynn, Business Manager at Biztec, recently discussed what it is like being a woman in the information technology industry. Wynn has been with Biztec for three years and continues to be a major asset for the company. She not only maintains customer relationships, but works with all customer accounts and financials and also assists in human resource needs.

Wynn’s journey to Biztec began in her previous job role. There, she met Biztec’s President and Owner, Joe Sams.

“I previously worked for an optometry office where [Biztec] was our IT company. Our optometry business was then bought out by a large corporation when I then decided to look for a change in career. Knowing all the experience I had previously within the business, Joe [Sams] was eager to bring me on board to learn and help develop his [rapidly] growing business.”

Biztec has grown exponentially within the last few years, and there is no sign that the momentum will slow down. Much like the company, Wynn’s job role continues to keep her on her toes, allowing her to experience much of what the field has to offer.

“I enjoy all of the customer relationships that I have built over the years. We are quickly growing and expanding making the position even more exciting to see what our future has in store.”

Just as technology continues to evolve, so does the industry. Wynn stated that since she began her position at Biztec, there is always something new and/or changing. She said that once you begin to learn about one thing, something even bigger, more advanced and resourceful comes along.

Not only does this inevitable change affect software, hardware, and so forth, but those who keep the industry afloat. Women are entering the field each year, exceeding the expectations that were thought to be known before.

“I feel [that] women bring a new perspective to the job and contribute [to] a more balanced view and outlook within the company.”

In a male-dominant industry, it is important that women feel that they have a place in careers like information technology. If women continue to feel as if they have a place in STEM related areas, they will continue to contribute to the success of companies across the globe.

“It’s [rapidly] growing, and not only can women continue their roles on the tech side, but there is so much that goes into a business like Biztec that women can be of use in…any aspect of the company.”

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