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Implementing Flexible & Accessible Security Systems

As physical security specialists, Biztec understands the need organizations must fulfill to protect their facilities, assets, and, most importantly, their people. Whatever the industry, business size, or specialization, everyone deserves to feel safe.


Nonprofits are no exception, as they aspire to have a secure foundation that allows them to focus on their mission without hesitation or disruption. With security solutions tailored to the unique needs of these organizations, Biztec is able to foster an environment where nonprofits can continue to function with confidence and peace of mind.


Volunteers of America (VOA) is a nonprofit organization that provides human services for individuals of all ages. With available services like behavioral and mental health, affordable housing, various disability services, and more; the nonprofit strives to inspire and educate individuals.


“Volunteers of America is a movement organized to reach and uplift all people and bring them to the knowledge and active service of God.” - VOA’s Mission Statement


Recognizing their need for a modern security solution, Kelly Buckingham, Vice President of Information Technology & Compliance at VOA (Northern Rockies), sought out a solution that would bring simplicity and safety to their locations.


In her search, she discovered Verkada. Verkada’s integrated approach to physical security provides organizations with the ability to monitor their facilities from all angles, 24/7, from any location. The security company’s products and command platform combine flexibility and accessibility; two characteristics that proved to Buckingham that Verkada was the right choice for the VOA.


“…We are so spread [out and are] geographically diverse. It (Verkada) allows our leadership to look at all [of] our programs at once with one uniform platform,” Buckingham said.


As the project began to kick off, it was time for Buckingham to find an installation team that could meet the VOA’s expectations and deliver results. After discussing next steps with her Verkada representative, Buckingham was introduced to Ron Dixon, Director of Operations at Biztec.


“Initially we did not utilize Biztec in our camera installation, and I wish we had. We were going with our Verkada rep. based on floor schematics and not [a] physical on-site view, which led us to Ron, and [he] resolved our issues,” Buckingham mentioned. “Every other build or installation has had Ron on-site, which in the end has saved us money.”


By working with Biztec, Buckingham has had access to a team that is detail oriented, takes great pride in customer service, and prioritizes transparency. Dixon and his team’s ability to provide service at such a high level has allowed Buckingham and the VOA to feel confident knowing that their security systems are in the best hands.


“It reduces margin of error [and] overhead costs,” Buckingham said. “Because of Biztec [and] Ron’s knowledge of the product, they know all of the capabilities and suggest appropriate models. Where I may want to choose model B because of specs, model A may actually be more affordable and effective for our needs.”


Now, over two years after the project began, Biztec has installed countless security cameras for the VOA and is now their primary camera installer and supplier.


“I appreciate Ron’s, the company’s (Biztec), flexibility. If not once or twice, at a moment’s notice Ron [has flown] out, taken care of our needs, and [flown] back. The responsiveness has been exceptional.”

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